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On this site you can find technical presentations on various topics. Browse the site or see latest additions below.

If you'd like to contribute to the project, please go to community portal to see how you can help. Feel free to ask questions on a discussion page.


Browse by the topic: AJAX, APC, Android, Apache, BGP, CAPTCHA, CSS, Chrome, Comet, DBpedia, E-mail, Extended SMTP, FOAF, File Transfer Protocol, Firefox, GSLB, Git, Google Page Speed, HTML, HTTP, Hadoop, Human computation, Identity, InnoDB, Internationalization, Internet Explorer, Internet Message Access Protocol, JSON, Java, JavaScript, JavaScript 2, Linking Open Data, Linux, Manageability, MediaWiki, MySQL, NDB, NLP, OAuth, One Laptop per Child, Open Source, Open Source Hardware, OpenID, OpenSocial, PHP, Performance, Perl, Post Office Protocol, Profiling, Python, RDF, RDFa, Ruby on Rails, Scalability, Scaling Databases, Scrum, Semantic Forms, Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Web, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Simple Network Management Protocol, Software configuration management, Web, Wiki, Wikipedia, XML, XUL, Xdebug, YSlow, YUI


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Browse conferences by series: AI Mashup Challenge, Agile, AjaxWorld, An Event Apart, ApacheCon, BarCamp, Black Hat, BlogTalk, CES, Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR), Chirp (The Official Twitter Developer Conference), Client Side, DEFCON, Digital ID World, Enterprise 2.0, EuroPython, European Semantic Web Conference, FOSDEM, Flashforward, GCC Developers Summit, Google I/O, Google Seattle Conference on Scalability, Graphing Social Patterns, Hacker Halted, HighLoad, Highland Fling, International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries, International World Wide Web Conference, Interop, JSConf, JavaEdge, JavaOne, Linux Symposium, LinuxCon, LinuxFest Northwest, LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, London Web Standards Meetup, Mac OS X Conference, Map Asia, Mashup Camp, Money Tech, MySQL Conference and Expo, New York MediaWiki Users Group, Nonprofit Technology Conference, O'Reilly BioTech, O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, OKCon, OSCON, OSDC, Open Source Business Conference … further results

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