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Series: SemWiki
Start date: June 1, 2008
End date: June 5, 2008
Location: Tenerife, Spain


Executive Summary

SemWiki 2008, the third workshop on Semantic Wikis, aims at reviewing the progress that has been made in the field of Semantic Wikis since the last workshops in 2006. We are interested in reviewing existing semantic wiki systems against the core wiki principles and thus identifying possibilities to improve them, in applying semantic technologies to existing wiki sites such as Wikipedia in order to make them even more productive for mass collaboration, but also in innovative, entirely new ideas for semantic wikis.

Semantic Wikis try to combine the strengths of Semantic Web (machine processable, data integration, complex queries) and Wiki (easy to use and contribute, strongly interconnected, collaborativeness) technologies. Goals are diverse and include:

Semantic Wikis contain in an integrated fashion many of the core challenges of the Semantic Web community: authoring, versioning, interlinked data, semantic browsing, semantic annotating, semantic diffs, semantic search and getting overview. In a Semantic Wiki, such methods have to be integrated into a coherent whole, while still remaining lightweight and easy to use. In this workshop, we investigate how these challenges can be tackled in an integrated fashion.